Information for Farmers

Millet Farm Harvest

We Need Farmers

We have organic contracts available for the 2022 cropping season, available for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes, and the USA.

Together we can feed the world!

  • We are looking for organic farmers to grow between 50 to 100 acres each
  • Planting requires 30 lb/acre of seed (seed cost $3.00/lb = $90/acre).
  • Ideal growing conditions can yield harvest of 20 – 22 bushels (cleaned net). 
  • Millet King Foods will pay for the trucking and cleaning.
  • Millet King Foods will keep all screenings to offset trucking/cleaning charges, and pay the producer .80/lb net = $40.00 bushel.
  • Bins will be emptied in early August (a premium of .05 cents will be paid per bushel per month until bin is emptied).
  • Bin Schedule
    • We will collect and pay for one load from each farmer in a first round of collections.
    • Balance collected on the second round.



Conventional Millet Seed is available in a 50 lb bag and a 3000 lb tote which can seed 100 acres.

To seed a field Cattle producers need 30 lb/acre of conventional seed (@ $0.65/lb which equals $19.50/acre). Millet seed going to Quebec and further east is .75 lb = $22.50 an acre.

Manitoba farmers - can pick up their seed at the seed plant (must schedule an appointment).

Saskatchewan and Alberta - seed is delivered to nearest depot (city) truck stop or farm that Millet King works with (must schedule an appointment).

British Columbia – must make arrangements for PU in Alberta for less than truckload.

Once our delivery schedule is completed for the season any additional orders need to be picked up at the seed plant directly or through an independently contracted trucking company.


Unloading a 90,000-pound B-Train load of planting millet seed to ranchers in St-Paul

All seed is tested for high quality germination and for fusarium graminearum.



We provide a millet growing guide that contains valuable advice on seeding, fertilizer and chemicals, it’s the Millet King’s Bible and it works to a “T”.

If necessary, our team will work directly with producers to determine optimal timing for cutting.

Our Certifications

  • Organic Certification though the Organic Crop Improvement Association for packaging, labeling and brokering Organic Red millet flour in Canada and the USA.
  • Kosher and Vegan Certifications from the Kashruth Council of Canada in Toronto
  • Halal (anticipated 2021)
  • NonGMO 
  • Gluten Free 

Millet King is presently working with and monitoring crops for organic producers in Saskatchewan, Alberta and New Brunswick that grow Organic Red Proso Cerise Millet for Millet King Foods.

Millet King has partnered with the Manitoba Food Development Centre in Portage La Prairie, for all testing and documentation.

Millet King has partnered with a food company (HACCP/GMP certified, kosher certified, Non-GMO certified, Gluten Free and Organic certified) that has a full-service processor, manufacturing and packaging line for our organic and conventional millet flours.

"Today’s people are changing the way they eat and want to know exactly where their food comes from, and we respect that."

-Reynald Gauthier (The Millet King)